Впечатления студентов о колледжах: UWC South East Asia (UWCSEA)

Dear NC UWC Russia,

It is so much going on here!!!! I don’t even know what to start with!!!

First of all, thank you a lot for giving me the opportunity to study in one of the best schools in the world!!!!! This is an opportunity that opened my mind and gave me the possibility for the further growth. Also every weekend, when I swim in the sea, I again very thankful to you!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I am so happy here, even don’t know how to describe…

Regarding my subjects. I am impressed that I am doing extremely well with all my subjects, especially, my English, I even managed to get in to the A English and Literature HL!!!!! Now I could easily write 1000 words analyzing a story or make an oral presentation. Teachers keep saying that I am very hardworking and made a great progress already. I am very engaged in the class work, so my effort grades are awesome!!!

I extremely like every single subject I study… Especially Russian Literature!!! It is such a honor for me to study my native language abroad!!!

I volunteer wherever and whenever possible, it is amazing that we have so many opportunities for here me to help. I think, that I didn’t miss any event happening in my school until now!!!

I have lots of friends around the world, my calendar is already busy with dates travelling around the world not only to visit my friends (in October break I went to visit my friend in India. It was my first trip, which impressed me… ), but also to various conferences etc. I am so glad that school supports me with my travelling!

I love teachers so much, they are amazing!!!! We often chat with them in free times.

I am fond of sport here, as usual. I managed to become the team A in football in our school (the representative school team), we play in the first division in Singapore (best international schools). In season 2 I will be doing Rugby touch!!!!! So excited!

When I was in Russia, I made a presentation about my country and now I show it whenever possible, people are so interested! And I also have some card representing my city, which I show everyone. I especially like one thing about being Russian: every time you mention, where are you from, people are so impressed, they keep asking me questions and telling me, that they are interested in my country!!! I always answer, because I know how it is important to keep people informed about Russia. By the way, I already have a list of people, who are coming to visit me in Russia, isn’t it great?!!  Especially everyone wants to come to my place, because my city will be one of the hosts of the Football Championship in 2018.

This Friday I will be wearing my national costume for the event called Culturama!!! Looking forward to show everyone our Russian national costume!!!

I realized that I manage my time really well, because I do 8 activities!!! I have time for everything, because I believe that when I am busy, I am more organized. My friends tell me how organized I am all the time.

I am so happy every single day here!!! I am impressed by the methods of education: we move, play games and have debates on the lessons!!!

The weather is perfect for me! Thank you for giving me a place in Singapore, because I feel, that is the best city for me in terms of variety of things. First, is safety. Second, is weather, I am not ill here at all, because it is hot all the year! Perfect fit for me! Some people hate the humidity and hot weather, but I am in love. Seriously, I am in love…. Thank you so much again!

P.S. I went to F1 in September!!!!! Supeeeeer!!!!!

I will try to keep you informed about my incredible and best ever life here!

Hot and humid regards,

Leisan, who is in love with Singapore

IMG 7991

Culturama day- I was wearing national costume to school


IMG 6422

Volunteering in parents day


IMG 6585

Me and the most iconic place in Singapore-Marina Bay Sands.

Which I often visit, it makes me happy!!!!

IMG 6613

I went to F1!!! I got free ticket from the school!!! 

IMG 7325

Just nice photo  of me exploring Singapore on weekends (I have visited plenty of places already). I usually organise people to visit Singapore's places of interests, because I know the city really well!!! Special abilities!!!

IMG 7562

Went to India to visit my friend in October break during the most important holidays in the year for them- Diwalli

IMG 7668

Halloween-helping  tricking-or-treating kids in our school.Also we were dressed up like that in the school day.

IMG 7867