Два замечательных года в UWCSEA

Two amazing years at UWCSEA that I was proud to be part of have finished. I did my best to make my years truly the best time of my life. Although there were many obstacles on my way, such as the rigor of academic curriculum, cultural differences with my fellow classmates as well as the overall life abroad, I successfully managed not only to overcome them but to get the most out of these 2 years.

Over the course of my UWC years I managed to grow personally by taking leadership roles and to improve the life of those around me by organising various conferences and starting my own educational initiatives and opening up clubs.

During my journey, I learned how to be even more empathetic and helpful, made friends from various parts of the world as well as learned simple phrases and words from different languages (Spanish, French, German, Chinese). Interestingly, I managed to open a club, just like I wrote in the application to UWC. I also had funding that I needed to spend wisely, and the club was also related to the IT! This is the evidence that dreams do come true with the help of UWC.

Here is some statistics from my life at UWCSEA:

- 2 clubs opened: The Lego Club UWCSEA as well as The Lego Robotics club

- Initiative For Peace conference in the former conflict area successfully prepared and implemented in Mae Sot, Thailand in 2015

- 4 kids helped personally with their learning difficulty at school

- Many days of service finished

- Several service projects completed

- Many cultural evenings and programmes attended

- Skill of playing African Drums and Balinese Gamelan acquired

- Harvard Model Congress Asia conference attended

- 4 varsity sports played (soccer, touch rugby, track & field, cross-country)

- Final School Grades of 48/49 achieved

- IB finished

- Thousands of people met, hundreds of friends made around the world

- Many countries visited around Asia

I spread Russian and Tatar culture as far as I could not only at UWCSEA but also in Singapore. I wanted to let people know the beauty of these cultures and our motherland - Russia that contains numerous cultures. 

My next steps after UWC

The school has ended, but my journey is continuing. I am keeping in touch with many UWCers, as well as sustaining my website and YouTube channel. This July I am travelling to Romania on a scholarship to GAKKO – camp-project organised by undergraduate and graduate students around the globe.

In August I am travelling to the USA to start my studies at Pomona College, the liberal arts college in California. I chose this college because of its similarity with UWC values, small size, rigour of academic curriculum and location. I hope to continue my UWC journey by donating to the UWC foundation and NC in future, as well as to help out, maybe even with the selection process, when my assistance is needed.

All this wouldn’t be possible without your help, dear NC UWC! I am very grateful for your generous offer of admission to UWCSEA that transformed not only my life, but also the life of others. 

Best regards,




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