Students about UWC

The first impressions from UWC Adriatic

UWC is that bit of kindness, that remained in the world and we can maintain this kindness and extend it in the world.


The first impressions from UWCSEA

Here I often ask myself: "Komil, are you happy?" And every time I realize that I am really happy!


One year in UWC Adriatic

“I found my close friends, learned how to overcome difficulties in education process and life in general.”


First year impressions from UWC Robert Bosch College

Maxim from UWC Robert Bosch Сollege has shared his impressions about the studies.


The first impressions from the UWC Colleges: UWC Maastricht

Polina from UWC Maastricht has shared the impressions about the 1st week of her studies.


Two amazing years at UWC SEA

Two amazing years at UWCSEA that I was proud to be part of have finished. I did my best to make my years truly the best time of my life.


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