How to apply

Each year, UWC Russia provides the opportunity to a limited number of students from Russia to study in UWC schools and colleges. Over the last few years, 15 to 20 candidates from Russia have been nominated to different United World Colleges. The graduates are expected to return to Russia and take an active part in the social and economic life of the country after receiving this unique education and experience.

Most students receive full or partial need-based scholarships. Scholarships are funded by the colleges themselves, private donors and foundations. Depending on the college, the cost of education, which includes not only tuition, but also on-campus accommodation, meals and books, varies from $32,000 to $108,000 for the entire period of study of the two-year International Baccalaureate (IB) programme.

Each year, colleges provide a certain number of places for students from particular countries. Scholarships (grants) for studying at UWC schools and colleges are provided either by the colleges, or by the foundation that supports UWC Russia. Scholarships do not cover travel costs to and from the college, so these costs, as well as students’ out-of-pocket expenses during their time at college, are borne by their parents.

The UWC Selection Committee in Russia is the only entity in Russia empowered to select and nominate candidates for places in UWC colleges. To participate in the selection process, candidates must submit a complete set of documents, including a fully completed application form, letters of reference and academic record to the UWC Selection Committee in Russia, within the required timeframe. During the entrance tests, the Selection Committee must ensure that the candidate meets the selection criteria of the UWC programme.

Before applying, please, read carefully all sections of the website.


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