UWC colleges have announced the number of places dedicated to candidates coming from Russia

UWC National Committee of Russia expects the colleges of the international educational movement to provide up to 17 places for candidates coming from our country for the academic period of 2017-2019.

In 2017, nine UWC colleges will offer places for students from Russia. Eight of these places are to be provided by UWC Dilijan College (Armenia). UWC Robert Bosch College in Germany will offer two places. The following colleges will also welcome students from Russia: UWC Adriatic in Italy, UWC Changshu China, UWC Maastricht in the Netherlands, UWC in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway, UWC South East Asia in Singapore and UWC USA.

All scholarships (grants) are need-based (i.e. the amount of financial aid depends on the needs / opportunities of a candidate’s family). The final decision on the size of the scholarship (grant) is made after the candidate’s nomination to the college.

More details about scholarships and funding are available here.

Applications to UWC colleges must be submitted to the UWC National Committee of Russia before December 1st, 2016.

The number of places can be changed.The information provided is valid as of the date of publication (October 19, 2016).

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